Flyvo portable WiMax gaming device heading for U.S. market

  • Las Vegas (NV) – Posbro, a Korean manufacturer of the Flyvo G100 portable game device today said that it will be establishing a “mobile WiMax online game business” in the United States.

    The G100 was recently announced at the WiMax World USA tradeshow in Chicago and is now apparently tailored to fit the U.S. market. The sliding-style gamepad was scheduled for a late 2007 launch in Korea, but has not been released for sale yet. Manufacturer Posbro, which has been acquired by Posdata, now said that it intends to bring the G100 to the U.S. in Q4 2008 or Q1 2009 supporting WiMax networks such as Sprint’s upcoming Xohm service.

    The G100 will have a 4" touchscreen LCD as well as your typical set of game controls. Connectivity options include mobile WiMax, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Initially, the device is expected to support 2.3 GHz and 2.5 GHz WiMax bands. Pricing has not been announced and the manufacturer remains mum on its strategy to bring games to the platform.

    However, Posbro noted in a statement that the company believes that US users “will be playing high quality online games” through G100 via mobile WiMax networks “in the near future”. The company claims that it currently is “adding up variety of online game titles which are optimized for G100 platform in cooperation with major game developers to meet customers' various tastes.”