Kodak to expand inkjet printer line

  • Las Vegas (NV) - Kodak will launch a new, sleeker inkjet printer with a glossy black finish to complement its existing products which launched about a year ago.  We have the details and pictures direct from the CES show floor.

    Unlike the first round of printers that launched exclusively in Best Buy, the ESP 3 will launch in all major big box stores.  It also includes multiple memory card slots and all the features from Kodak's first two models.

    The ESP 3 will use the same ink cartridges from Kodak's other three devices.  That is the company's main selling point, as the black cartridge is just $10 and the color one $15.  They also come in a combo pack for around $23.

    Another new feature with the ESP 3 is called "facial retouch", which will clear up any facial blemishes with one click.  Now we just have to wait for that ability to come out in real life.  Also of note, the facial retouch software is available now at kodak.com for anyone with the older printers.

    One feature that is lacking from the new model, however, is the LCD preview screen, which is included on Kodak's current 5300 and 5500 printers, which retail for $150 and $200 respectively.

    The ESP 3 is scheduled to come out this spring at an MSRP of around $130, the same price as the current low-end Easyshare 5100 printer.

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