Taser unveils leopard print device at CES

  • Las Vegas (NV) - Of all the things we could have expected to see at today's Taser press conference, a $400 leopard print taser was not one of them.

    Since the introduction of the taser, it has been seen in pop culture as a semi-torture device for police officers and the most amusing way for guys to paralyze themselves when they're drunk.

    However, the more serious purpose of self protection is often overlooked, and that's where the C2 comes in, which is available in a never-before-seen leopard print.  Targeted at the female crowd, it has enough juice to charge through barbs at up to a 15-foot range.

    In step with the "fashionable" taser, the company also introduced a new "Music Player Holster", a carrying case that not only stores your MP3 player but also your taser.  It would be a fun game trying to get that through airport security.

    Both of these items are available now, with the C2 at an MSRP of around $380 and the holster at just over $70.