CES 2008 – 3DRadio, “Tivo” for radio

  • Las Vegas (NV) – Just like the cone-shaped Powramid surge protector that we saw yesterday, 3DRadio is developing a product that has us wondering, “Why didn’t anyone think of that before?” – It’s a Tivo-like device for radio that can record and playback multiple streams of radio bands.  The radio will have multiple antennas which record AM, FM, Satellite and HD radio signals.  It will also be able to record audio on any upcoming Wi-Max and 700 Mhz radio stations.

    Like Tivo, the unit digitizes content and stores it for later playback.  Songs, talk shows and other content can be paused and replayed.  You can even skip those annoying ads.

    3DRadio doesn’t actually have a booth at the Consumer Electronics show and company rep Alan Kaplan actually pitched us the product as we were walking to a press conference.  The company is looking for a hardware manufacturer to churn out the multi-channel radio, but Kaplan says the software portion is basically done.  He has offered to show us a demo later in the show and we’ll update this article if that happens.

    3DRadio will start selling units for in-vehicle use and then branch out to portable and home markets.  He expects consumer units to be available by Christmas of this year.

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