Westinghouse unveils wireless HDTV

  • Las Vegas (NV) - Users will soon be able to send high definition signals to their HDTV sets without any physical cable connection, thanks to a new partnership between Westinghouse Digital and semiconductor company Pulse Link.

    "HDMI digital transport provides the full HD resolution our customers expect," said Westinghouse VP John Araki in a statement.  Through the wireless HDTV technology, users will be able to set up their television anywhere in a room, and have HDMI connections sent from sources like HD DVD players or the Playstation 3 wirelessly.

    The technology uses Pulse Link's CWave UWB chipset, which has a 1.35 Gbps over-the-air signaling rate and can deliver 890 Mbps.  According to Westinghouse, the signal was still as strong as 115 Mbps when the devices were 40 feet apart.

    It "is an experience beyond comparison with anything that has come prior to now," said Pulse Link president Bruce Watkins.  He claims, "This really changes everything."

    The new TV will be on display and will make its official unveiling at next week's Consumer Electronics Show.