Samsung to show off 31" active matrix OLED display

  • CES - Samsung is expected to bring new meaning to the term low-profile with a 4.3mm 31" active matrix OLED display this year at CES.  The 4.3mm is slightly thinner and larger than the 5mm 27" version shown by Sony at last year's event, while using less than half the power of a traditional LED display of its size.

    While the 31" device is far too costly today for use in TVs, it does demonstrate full scalability of the low-power Organic LED technology.  Currently, 3" and smaller screens are created with OLED technology as their cost is outpaced by the battery savings in devices like MP3 players and cell phones, as OLEDs use notably less electricity than traditional backlit LEDs.  It is projected that OLEDs will continue to come down in price, eventually encompassing all areas of the LED markets.  OLEDs offer great brightness, reliability, long life, low power consumption and are regarded by many as a type of holy grail for LED displays.

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