Around 10% of HDTVs expected to be returned

  • Cambridge (MA) - According to a new report, about 10% of all HDTV sets purchased as a Christmas gift will be returned, a decrease from 20% last year.

    Last year, an estimated one in five high-definition TV units were returned.  According to Forrester, a large cause of this was that people who received one for a gift were underwhelmed when they hooked up their standard-def cable boxes or DVD players.

    Now, consumers are more educated about the fact that there must be a specific HD input device to receive an HD picture, but for the same reason as last year, around 10% of gifted HDTVs are still projected to be returned.

    According to an article in EE Times, as much as 40% of HDTV owners are not actually watching any HD content.

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