New Zunes to zoom into stores November 13

  • Redmond (WA) - Microsoft has finalized the release date for the new Zune models, scheduling it just one day ahead of the original device's one year anniversary. is listing the launch date for the second generation Zune devices as November 13, a date which Microsoft has confirmed.  The software giant's official public statement during this week's announcement of the new gadgets was that they will be available in "mid-November".

    The original Zune launched on November 14, 2006, the second Tuesday of the month.  The new models will also come out on the second Tuesday of November, which in this case is November 13.

    Two new flash memory Zunes at 4 GB and 8 GB will be priced at around $150 and $200, respectively.  A high capacity player with an 80 GB hard drive will also debut, retailing for around $250.  Microsoft plans to keep the original 30 GB model in stock as well.  It has not yet announced any price changes for the older version, which currently sells for around $200.