Sony pitches two new Blu-ray players

  • Denver (CO) – Sony will be offering this fall two new Blu-ray players aiming at enthusiasts, for prices well north of the current sub-$500 trend in the HD player segment.

    The two new players, announced late Wednesday, will be positioned at the upper-end of Sony's Blu-ray player family to complement the BDP-S300 BD player. In contrast to the $500 entry-level model, the BDP-S500 and the BDP-S2000ES, will pack high-end features that Sony hopes will appeal to home theater enthusiasts.

    The BDP-S2000ES is the first Blu-ray player in Sony's "Elevated Standard" (ES) line and comes with  a "dual shield construction, which the manufacturer promises will prevent dust from collecting on the BD drive; there is also a rigid drive bracket to minimize Vibration and a sturdy beam chassis that reduces internal vibration, Sony said. Aluminum insulator feet help isolate the player from external vibrations, while separate audio and video boards deliver better sound and picture quality. The unit also includes an IR-in feature for the custom installation market.

    Both the BDP-S500 and the BDP-S2000ES will support 1080/60p and 24p True Cinema output, 7.1 channel linear PCM and Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, as well as dts-HD High Resolution Audio bitstream output via HDMI 1.3.

    The BDP-S500 is expected to retail for $700, while the BDP-S2000ES will be available for about $1300.

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