Acer joins Blu-ray camp

  • Berlin (Germany) – Acer has become a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), giving Blu-ray a lead among the world's largest PC manufacturers.

    “We’re delighted to welcome Acer to the Blu-ray Disc Association,” said Victor Matsuda, chairman of the BDA’s Global Promotions Committee, in a prepared statement. “The addition of Acer provides one more sign of the growing momentum behind Blu-ray Disc and, more importantly, is a significant advantage for consumers, as it further expands the already broad options available to consumers in the personal computer space.”

    At the time of the announcement it was unclear if Acer will exclusively support Blu-ray or if the company will also support HD DVD drives throughout the company. The question gets especially interesting when it comes to Gateway, which will be acquired by Acer. Gateway so far has been offering Blu-ray and HD DVD drives and Acer's decision potentially could mean that Gateway will drop HD DVD support in the not too distant future.

    We were not able to reach Acer and Gateway representatives to shed more light on the future of HD DVD drives as part of their product families.

    A spokesperson for the Blu-ray Disc Association told TG Daily said that it was "her understanding" that Acer would exclusively support Blu-ray.

    Acer currently is ranked at #4 in the global PC market, with a share of 7.2% and 4.3 million PCs shipped in the second quarter of this year, according to IDC. Gateway has not been listed by IDC among the world's five largest PC manufacturer; however, the firm estimated that Gateway sold about 965,000 PCs in Q2 in the U.S. – which puts Acer in the global market well ahead of Lenovo (currently in #3), which shipped just under 4.9 million PCs in Q2.

    Among the top 5 PC manufacturers, Dell (ranked #2 globally) also is an exclusive supporter of Blu-ray, while HP (#1) supports both Blu-ray and HD DVD at this time.  

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