Gefen adapter takes one HDMI source and puts it on 10 screens

  • Chatsworth (CA) - Gefen has introduced a new device that takes contains one HDMI input and 10 HDMI outputs, allowing simultaneous audio/video display on several different monitors.

    Designed mainly for professional AV purposes like digital signage, the HDCP-compliant device is able to maintain the full high definition audio and video

    signals across 10 different outputs, says Gefen.  One could, for example, plug a Blu-ray Disc player into Gefen's 1:10 HDMI Distribution Amplifier and have the video play on 10 HDTVs at the same time.  The module is powered with a 24 volt power supply.

    The 1:10 HDMI amplifier is available for pre-ordering with a retail price of around $650.