Samsung Blu-ray Disc player available for $425

  • Seattle (WA) - Samsung's BD-P1200 is available now for $425, the first time a widely available standalone BD player is selling for less than the Playstation 3. is offering the Samsung device for $175 off the list price of around $600, or $425, while the PS3 is selling for the list price of $500.  It's the lowest non-sale price any major retailer has set for a Blu-ray player.

    Amazon is also the price leader for HD DVD players, putting up Toshiba's HD-A2 model for around $250.

    Additionally, both Samsung's BD-P1200 and Toshiba's HD-A2 are included in promotional offers for free movies.  Consumers who purchase a new Blu-ray player can send in a rebate form for five free BD movies, and Toshiba is matching that with five free HD DVD titles for new purchases of one of their high def players.

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