Sony announces HD video walkman

  • Chicago (IL) – There’s a new toy coming your way: Sony announced its first portable HD video player.


    The GV-HD700E HD is scheduled to be released across Europe this September and will allow users to playback high definition videos on a 1.2 megapixel 7” screen (16:9 format, 800 x 480 pixel) and record HD videos in 1080i. Supported media formats include HDV, DV SP and DV LP.

    Among the features are Firewire, video, audio and S-Video inputs; on the output side, there are HDMI, Firewire, component HD and SD, video, audio, S-Video, as well as USB and Memory Stick ports.

    Pricing has not been announced.

    Read more gadget news at Akihabara News.

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