Disney explores dying format with new CD technology

  • Burbank (CA) - Disney recently launched a new audio CD technology called CDVU+, hoping it can create a stay of execution for the flagging audio format.

    Disney's Hollywood Records label will kick off the new technology.  The idea is to put a bunch of bonus content on the disc that is organized in a "digital magazine" format.

    It sounds a lot like "enhanced CDs", which embed photos, videos, and lyrics on the CD and can be unlocked via a PC.  Instead of just presenting the content in a file-by-file Windows Explorer view, CDVU+ discs will cue up a more stylish view of the supplemental features.

    CNBC reports one exclusive feature of CDVU+ technology is the ability for users to upload pictures of themselves to be integrated into a poster of the band.

    While physical CDs still account for the vast majority of album sales, according to Nielsen Soundscan, the outlook for the format is bleek.  The first half of 2007 saw a 15% year-to-year decrease for CD sales, while digital music grew nearly 50% in the same time frame.

    Hollywood Records' flagship CDVU+ title will be a new Jonas Brothers' album slated for an August 7 release date.