Toshiba to launch new HD DVD, hi-def DVR combo players

  • San Jose (CA) - Later this month, Toshiba will launch two new HD DVD players that double as high definition digital video recorders, reports PC World.

    The RD-A300 and RD-A600 will make their debut in Japan.  The two players have hard drives of 300 GB and 600 GB, respectively.  In the US, the only dedicated HD DVR available for purchase is the Series 3 Tivo, but in Japan another HD DVD combo device is already available.

    The RD-A1 hit the Eastern country last year, carrying a massive price of around $3600.  The two new models will cost significantly less, with the A300 ringing in at around $1230 and the A600 to go for around $1645.

    In addition to watching HD DVD movies, the players can handle two feeds of HDTV.  The A300 will be able to record around 35 hours of HD programming, with the A600 having double that capacity.

    HD DVD has been the underdog in the HD format war.  Although Blu-ray movies continue to substantially outsell HD DVD titles, the group in charge of HD DVD says more of its standalone players have been sold.  Earlier this year, it also announced plans to release an in-car HD DVD player.