Toshiba claims top hardware sales in HD format war

  • San Jose (CA) - Toshiba announced today that hardware sales of HD DVD players have outpaced that of Blu-ray, neglecting Playstation 3 consoles.

    Toshiba says that over 150,000 HD DVD players have been sold to date.  While Blu-ray hardware sales are more than 20 times greater than that with the PS3 alone, Toshiba says standalone BD players have seen less than substantial success.

    HD DVD hardware has been winning the price war for the duration of the hi-def format war, which began about one year ago.  Currently, Toshiba is running a promotion that puts its HD-A2 player at around $300.  The cheapest Blu-ray device is $200 more expensive.

    Blu-ray movies, however, continue to outsell HD DVD, and retailers have already begun cutting back on HD DVD inventory and not offer some of the more obscure new releases.