Mitsubishi busts out with nine 1080P DLP television sets

  • New York (NY) - Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America is introducing nine new television sets that sport 1080P resolutions and very large screens.  The smallest televisions in the lineup are a “mere” 57 inches and go up to 73 inches for the largest sets.  Mitsubishi claims their DLP technology allows them to make larger sets for thousands less than competing LCD and plasma televisions.

    The 733 series are meant for budget-minded consumers and will have a 57-inch, 65-inch and 73-inch television selling for $2500, $3000 and $4700 respectively.  The sets have three rear HDMI 1.3 inputs and a front component jacks.

    Higher up on the scale are the 734 series which also come in 57, 65 and 73-inch sizes.  These sets are virtually the same as the 733 series except for the added “Dark Detailer” which makes for deeper blacks, according to Mitsubishi.  These sets also have an integrated dynamic contrast adjustment.  The 734 series sets sell for approximately $300 more per set than the 733 televisions.

    The “Diamond” 833 series are the most expensive of the bunch with the 73-inch 73833 retailing for $5900.  These sets include 120 Hertz imaging along with Firewire and RS232C inputs.

    All the models are thinner than previous generations and according to Mitsubishi the 73-inch model is actually thinner than last year’s 57-inch model.

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