Sony announces super small HD camcorder

  • Park Ridge (NJ) - Sony has revealed the HDR-CX7, which it claims is its smallest high-definition camcorder to date.  The camcorder records videos in 1080i direct to a Memory Stick cards.

    The AVCHD-based camera weigh 15 ounces and cuts down on size by eliminating a hard drive and a spinning media bay for DVD or MiniDV burning. 

    Currently, memory sticks are available up to 8 GB, which would be enough space for about one hour of the highest quality HD video, according to PC World.  Sony says that in LP mode, still recording in 1080i, an 8 GB card could hold as much as three hours.

    The camera will be available in June for a suggested retail price of $1200.

    Sony also announced two other hard drive-based HD camcorders, the HDR-SR7 and the HDR-SR5.  The only difference in the two models are their storage capacities.  One sports a 40 GB hard drive, allowing for storage of up to 2.5 hours of full HD video (15 hours in LP mode).  The other model has an upgraded capacity of 60 GB, enough for 4 - 22 hours of video, depending on the setting.

    Both models also have a six megapixel sensor for still images.  They're also set for a launch this June.  The prices for the 40 GB and 60 GB models are $1100 and $1400, respectively.