Blu-ray edges out HD DVD yet again

Posted by Mark Raby

New York (NY) - More disappointing news for HD DVD came today with the results of Nielsen Video Scan's sales data for high definition DVDs.  According to the firm, Blu-ray movies outsold HD DVD by more than 2-to-1 for the third month in a row.


HD DVD players for 2007 ...

Blu-ray players for 2007 ...

HD DVD says it expects momentum to build for the format with the new exclusive titles that are coming in the next few months.  Also, aggressive pricing of players caused a $400 model to be introduced last month, with some online retailers immediately cutting it down to as low as $300.

Blu-ray's dominance last month comes with the release of Casino Royale on the Sony-backed format.  It became the first high definition video to sell more than 100,000 copies and reach the top-selling DVD list on

In an interview with trade magazine Video Business, Sony president David Bishop said, "We think retailers will start to dedicate more space to Blu-ray, rather than split it half and half.  That will further send a signal to consumers that it is the dominant format."