Samsung announces plans for Blu-ray/HD DVD combo player

  • San Jose (CA) - Samsung will release a new standalone player later this year that plays both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc movies.

    There is no word yet on a possible price for the player, but Samsung has said it will be available for the holiday season.

    The BD-UP5000 will be the second combo player to hit retail stores.  LG unveiled the first one earlier this year.  Both manufacturers previously only worked on Blu-ray devices.

    However, Samsung is in a joint partnership with Toshiba as Toshiba Samsung Storage Technologies (TSST), which produces HD DVD disc drives for computers.  Toshiba has the biggest stake in the HD DVD format.  

    While it is not lending its name to the new Samsung player, it's likely that Toshiba will be lending its technology for the combo player.  This carries through an underlying trend of companies covering all their bases in the format war.

    On the same note, Blu-ray fronter Sony is in a partnership with NEC, which has pledged support for HD DVD.  Also, Buena Vista, Paramount, and Warner Bros have all released titles on both formats.