HD DVD promises 70 titles by July 2007

  • Los Angeles (CA) - The HD DVD group today announced the complete list of upcoming releases through July, saying that the total number of releases in the first half of 2007 will reach more than 70.

    HD DVD has been struggling to stay in the limelight, with flagging sales compared to Blu-ray over the past two months and a difficult struggle to attract more movie studios to the format.

    Some of the more noted titles that were announced today include Dreamgirls and The Hitcher in May, June's Being John Malkovich, and The Bourne Identity due out in July.

    The most touted upcoming release is The Matrix Trilogy, which will be offered in the form of two premium box sets.  HD DVD will be the exclusive hi-def format for The Matrix, but only until later in the year when a Blu-ray release will make its way out.

    At CES, HD DVD also demoed next-generation features for the format that give it a distinct difference over what Blu-ray offers.  However, Sony's format is expected to be getting a technolgical overhaul as well.  No movies for either format have yet been confirmed to include next-gen functionality.