Hi-def Matrix goes to HD DVD this spring, Blu-ray later

  • New York (NY) - The Matrix is aiming to be one of the most elite HD DVD box sets yet, with an eight disc, format-pushing presentation for more than $110.  A Blu-ray version will also come out in the months following.

    The Complete Matrix Trilogy on HD DVD will hit stores on May 22 for $100.  A premium version of the set, The Ultimate Matrix Collection, will be released the same day and will carry a retail price of $120.

    The three movies will be presented on three discs, with an additional four or five discs loaded with bonus features, depending on the set.  
    Over 35 hours of supplemental content will be in the additional discs, and HD DVD's "In Movie Experience" will be available during the actual film, allowing picture-in-picture video commentary and real-time behind-the-scenes footage.  At least some of the features will be presented in HD.

    The trilogy is also headed for a Blu-ray release, but Warner Home Entertainment did not announce a date.  The studio is likely waiting for a new Blu-ray rendering technology based on Java, which it is expected to incorporate into The Matrix.

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