INHD to change its name to Mojo

  • New York (NY) - INHD, the flagging high definition channel owned by major cable operators, is about to get a name change. According to trade publication Multichannel News, the network will change its name to Mojo on May 1.

    INHD is owned by "In Demand", a company created jointly by Time Warner, Comcast, and Cox cable providers. INHD is the only 24-hour programming channel the company operates, and it has had trouble reaching a mass audience among the HD cable subscribers.

    Mojo is the name it uses for its block of original programming, which In Demand CEO Rob Jacobson says is popular among "active affluent" males. "We get a lot of sampling and advertisers have responded to reach out to this sweet spot of consumers," he said.

    Four years ago, In Demand launched two channels, INHD and INHD 2. At the turn of 2007, it dropped INHD 2, and along with it many of its more obscure series. Since then, programming on INHD has been stale as it tries to determine which shows should remain on the single channel.