Warner bringing three new movies to HD DVD and Blu-ray

  • New York (NY) - Warner Home Entertainment has announced its latest additions to its hi-def lineup for May.  Road Warrior, Battle of the Bulge, and The Fountain will hit both formats in a couple months.

    Warner, the most prolific bi-partisan supporter, says that extra features will include director commentary but did not disclose any further details.

    The classic titles Road Warrior and Battle of the Bulge will be released on May 8 and each carries a suggested retail price of around $29.

    The movie studio also said it is going to release The Fountain on both formats on May 15, right alongside the DVD release.  The more current movie will carry a higher price, with a $35 MSRP on the Blu-ray version, and about $40 for the HD DVD, which will be a combo format release that also includes the DVD version.