HD Tivo price drop coming this year

  • Washington (DC) - The price of Tivo's Series 3 HD DVR is headed for a drop, according to recent statements made by the company's CEO Tom Rogers.  Tivo hopes to find a price point that will put the recorder in the reach of general consumers.

    "We will be highly focused this year on moving forward with a lower-priced, mass appeal High-Def unit, which will allow us to much better participate in the HD television trend," said Rogers in his company's Q4 2006 earnings report.

    The Series 3 recorder has seen disappointing sales, mainly because of the prohibitive price of $800.  Most owners of HD DVRs lease a unit from their cable or satellite provider for around $10 a month.

    Rogers would not specify exactly what new price Tivo is targeting for the Series 3.