TomTom adds Curt Schilling's voice to GPS systems

  • Amsterdam (Netherlands) - "You’re almost home! Slide! Slide!" is what owners of a TomTom GPS system can now hear when they reach their destination.  It's part of a new download that replaces the standard GPS voice with that of MLB all-star Curt Schilling.
    Schilling, best known for being the pitcher for the Red Sox, is the latest name in the niche market of celebrity GPS voice-overs.  To further add to the customization, Schilling replaces standard GPS phrases with baseball terms.
    According to media reports, as part of the deal with Schilling, TomTom had to provide him with 75 GPS systems to give to employees at his video game company, Green Monster Games.
    TomTom seems devoted to expanding its voice line-up.  A current poll on its website asks, "Which voice would you like most for your navigation instructions?"  Other celebrities it has gotten for voice-overs include Mr. T, Burt Reynolds and Dennis Hopper.
    Curt Schilling's voice add-on is available as a download for compatible TomTom systems.  The GPS maker charges $12.95 for the download.