Stardome panels shoot for the stars

  • Long Beach (CA) - As home theaters become an increasingly large part of the home entertainment market, custom component makers have found a niche for the home theater enthusiast. Numinus is one such vendor and makes "Stardomes", decorative and acoustic panels filled with glittering stars and glowing nebulae.

    We visited the Stardomes booth at the Electronic House Expo in Long Beach. The panels have built-in backdrop scenery, including glowing stars, planets, and even shooting stars that appear every 10 seconds or so. Users can control the level of contrast and brightness of the displays to ensure the desired effect in the room.

    The panels are available in a handful of sizes, ranging from about $2,300 for a 2 foot wide circular speaker, to $14,000 for an impressive 6 foot by 9 foot oval-shaped speaker.

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