Visualizing Google's million-row copyright claim dataset

Google released its latest transparency report on Thursday, and while much coverage of those reports rightfully focuses on governmental actions — requests for user data and requests to remove content — Google is also providing a trove of copyright data. In fact, the copyright section of its transparency report includes a massive, nearly 1-million-row dataset regarding claims of copyright infringement on URLs. (You can download all the data here.

Twitter Considered Buying Topsy, Too — Here’s Why It Didn’t Happen

Apple just spent a bunch of money on social analytics company Topsy. And while everyone has good guesses on what Apple wants from Topsy, no one seems to know for sure. According to sources familiar with the matter, Twitter considered buying Topsy a number of times throughout the company’s six-year history.

LG Smart TVs logging USB filenames and viewing info to LG servers

LG Smart Ad analyses users favourite programs, online behaviour, search keywords and other information to offer relevant ads to target audiences. For example, LG Smart Ad can feature sharp suits to men, or alluring cosmetics and fragrances to women. Furthermore, LG Smart Ad offers useful and various advertising performance reports that live broadcasting ads cannot. 

More Than 2.3 Million Instagram Photos are Arranged Beautifully in "The Aggregate Eye" Exhibition

A genius new exhibition called “The Aggregate Eye,” showing now at the Amelie A. Wallace Gallery at SUNY College at Old Westbury New York, examines the patterns created by our ever-increasing output onto social media. Using Instagram photos, a team of researchers and designers took a sample set of 2.3 million Instagram photos, from 13 different cities around the world.

Pickle Index for population estimation

As China moves forward with a plan to move 250 million people to cities, officials developed a need to keep track of how many people are still in rural areas. The problem was that local data from the provinces is unreliable, so instead they use what they call ...