Nook e-reader hacked and rooted

Posted by Aharon Etengoff

A team of hackers has successfully rooted the recently released Nook e-reader.

The hack - which is detailed on Nook Devs - reportedly involves mounting the unit's Android OS MicroSD card on a PC (via a card reader) and altering the init.rc file.

According to Wired, the hack will allow users to connect the Nook to a computer and freely access the OS using Google's Android developers kit. 

Nook e-reader hacked and rooted

"Before you tut, toss your head and mutter 'so what?' like some petulant teenager, think about the uses," wrote Wired's Charlie Sorrel.

"The Nook is now a computer running a full Android operating system, with a built-in, free cellular connection to the internet. It also has a battery that lasts days, not hours. This could turn into the Roomba of e-readers, only it won't suck."

Alessondra Springmann of PC World expressed similar sentiments.

"Looking at a list of files on the Nook shows that the best is yet to come with this e-book reader: it shipped with multi-media messaging service (MMS) support, as well as support for a speech recognition engine," opined Springmann.

"Combine this with a color touchscreen, free wireless over 3G from AT&T plus Wi-Fi, a long-lasting battery, and an Android operating system and you can bet we'll soon be seeing some rather killer applications on this device."??

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