Samsung netflixes Blu-ray players, LG player in stores now

  • Los Gatos (CA) – Netflix today said that some of Samsung’ Blu-ray players devices are now capable of playing streaming Netflix video via the web. Additionally, LG’s BD-300 Netflix Blu-ray player is also on sale through major retail chains in the U.S. now.

    Netflix has struck its fourth partnership with a consumer electronics company, with the desire to deliver movie rentals via the web instead of through the mail. While Netflix movie streaming was originally only available through a PC and through a dedicated device, we are now seeing more and more Blu-ray players that integrate this capability as well.

    According to Netflix, owners of Samsung BD-P2550 and BD-P2500 Blu-ray players, both priced at about $400, will be able to upgrade their devices free of charge to enable the instant streaming feature from Netflix’ streaming service, which delivers a library of more than 12,000 movies and television episodes.

    Recently a similar deal was struck with LG, which offers Netflix streaming on its BD-300 Blu-ray player. The device went recently on sale through major chains such as Circuit City and carries a $369.99 MSRP.

    Netflix has also an agreement with Microsoft and the Xbox 360 video game console (Where Netflix streaming is available to Gold Live subscribers) as well as a deal with also Roku Ink, which offers a Netflix set-top box .

    Netflix claims to have more than 8 million subscribers and is turning more and more into a household name in terms of home entertainment. The “watch instantly” web streaming service is offered for free to subscribers. It seems that the company is consistently gaining traction despite challenges from both Apple and Amazon.

    Netflix recently adjusted its rental fees for Blu-ray movies adding a $1 extra fee per month to customers who want to have access to HD movies. The awareness among the U.S. consumer in regards to Blu-ray is on the rise, and many households are adopting the technology, however there are also challenges due to price and customer satisfaction with the quality of standard DVDs research firm NPD recently noted.

    This week, Netflix cited the downward spiraling economy for cutting its current-quarter subscriber revenue outlook for the second time in a short period of only two weeks.