Throw out the Kindle, Plastic Logic has something better

  • San Diego (CA) – Get ready to finally chuck all those newspapers and books that you’ve been carrying because Plastic Logic has introduced a full-page sized ebook reader that doesn’t suck.  The touch screen reader has an 8.5-inch by 11-inch display and uses flexible (as opposed to rigid glass) plastic.  Unlike other electronic ink devices (cough Kindle cough), this reader has enough screen real estate for a pop-up touch-sensitive keyboard.

    UPDATE - To see a video of the Plastic Logic reader in action, go to our new article here.

    Company reps told the audience at the Demo Fall 08 conference in San Diego that the upcoming reader will have the same size, weight and thinness as a pad of paper.  The plastic screen is very robust and, according to Plastic Logic, can withstand getting hit with a shoe.

    Regular office documents – YES no conversion! – can be transferred to the reader through a wireless interface.  TG Daily is onsite at Demo Fall San Diego and we’ll be bringing you more information, pictures and video of this device.