VIEVU, the wearable PVR made by cops

  • Las Vegas (NV) – Leave it up to some Seattle-based police officers to create THE coolest gadget we’ve seen at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.  The VIEVU PVR-PRO device is about the same size as a pager and it digitally records video with a flick of your fingers.  Snap the lens cover down and it’s recording, snap it back up and the recording stops.

    The PVR-PRO clips onto your clothing (or anything else) and digitally records at 30 fps 

    The specs of the PVR-PRO are impressive, considering its small size.  Recordings are made in MPEG4 format at 640 X 480 pixel resolution and 30 frames-per-second.  Company reps tell us the lens has a 64 degree field of view and the sensor only needs .5 lux to record.  Internal flash memory provides more than four hours of recording time and the internal rechargeable battery lasts for four hours.  An LED on the top of the unit will blink when the unit is low on memory or power.

    The 5-ounce recorder has an adjustable clip on the back that can mount on clothing or anywhere else you desire.  A USB port, which charges the recorder and transfers video, is on the bottom of the unit.  You can see in our photos that removable rubber seal covers the port.

    Of course, it rains a lot in Seattle and the inventors rubberized the PVR-PRO chassis and also made it water resistant to IPX5 standards.  So you can splash water on the recorder and also briefly submerge the unit in shallow water.

    The PVR-PRO sells for $500 and an encrypted police version is available for $700.