Up close and personal with Philips' "design collection" and 3D HDTVs

Posted by Mark Raby

Las Vegas (NV) - We rolled around the Philips CES booth today and found a lot of interesting-looking stuff, including the company's much touted "design collection" form factor and a TV that can produce a 3D picture without the need for nerdy glasses.

Check out the Philips booth from CES 2008...

At its CES press conference earlier this week, Philips seemed motivated to capture the attention of the less tech-savvy crowd, instead focusing on design and "easy to use" products.

At the heart of its showing this year is its "design collection", a new mold for an entire line of HDTVs.  Instead of the regular "black box" design seen widely throughout the industry, Philips has created a form factor that adds a spot of originality to the set.

The overall shape of the TV is more like an oval, with rounded edges.  There is also a dual color scheme to it, with the main black frame surrounded by a clear plastic lacing.

The other real notable thing was actually a product that Philips has had out for a while but has expanded on it.  The company has a line of 3D HDTVs.  By exposing tons of micro lenses on the screen, it is able to produce realistic video and images with stunning depth.

It's really a sight to behold, especially on Philips' new massive video wall that employs this technology.  It literally was like being at a 3D movie but without the glasses.

Right now these are used exclusively as commercial products as digital signage, predominantly in Europe, but a product manager on site told us Philips is looking into bringing it into a more consumer-ready market.  Of course, the reason they're holding back for now is that there is no readily available content that would plug-in-and-play with the technology.  Right now a display of around 27 inches costs well over $10,000.