Canon introduces EOS 40D digital SLR

  • Costa Mesa (CA) - With 6.5 FPS continuous shooting, a new auto focus feature and a 10.1 MP sensor, Canon's latest DSLR camera is ready to hit the market.

    Canon's EOS 40D, the successor to the EOS 30D, takes significant advances over the previous model with new technology that Canon introduced earlier this year.  For example, the 40D incorporates Canon's DIGIC III processor, which allows for nearly instantaneous camera boot-up and advanced color rendering.

    Additionally, the 40D maintains image quality of up to ISO 1600 and a burst rate of 6.5 frames per second.  According to Canon, the camera can handle up to 75 large JPEGs without pause.

    The camera also uses a new auto focus system.  The new platform has nine AF points, each of which can focus on horizontal and vertical planes.  There's also a new button that enables auto focus immediately.

    The 40D has a three inch LCD screen for image previewing, complete with grid overlays and a real-time histogram to simulate the exposure of the picture.

    Canon also today launched the Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E3.  Compatible with the 40D, the WFT-E3 lets users transfer pictures wirelessly to rmote FTP servers.  Additionally, when connected to a GPS device, the image is tagged with its precise location.

    The EOS 40D is available at a list price of around $1,300.