Nike gets FCC approval for wireless iPod Nano remote

  • Chicago (IL) – Nike apparently is gearing up to release a wireless workout kit that will consist of remote control for the iPod Nano and a receiver of a wireless sensor in certain Nike shoes.


    Other than the already available Nike+ iPod sport kit, the "Amp+" is worn like a wrist watch and does not require users to actually reach for the iPod to control music tracks.

    The new device appears to be nearly flat and, according to the manual, allows users to retrieve instant voice feedback about running time, distance, calories burned and pace data. Besides the regular controls that are integrated flush into the wristband, there is also a "PowerSong" button which accesses a favorite song "when you need a boost", the manual says.

    Nike states that the battery integrated in the water-resistant device (immersion up to 3 ft) is estimated to last about 1 year.

    The Amp+ integrates wireless capability, but requires a user to attach a special receiver to the iPod and a sensor to Nike+ shoes. The kit retails on Nike's website for $30. Nike+ shoes are currently available from $42 and up.

    There was no information on availability and price of the Amp+.

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