Disney goes for the teens with Flix video camera and LCD screens

  • Glendale (CA) – Disney is launching a new line of inexpensive video camcorders and LCD television sets to further cement its lock on your kids.  The Disney Flix video camcorder is a basic video camera that comes with its own video editing software “Disney Director”.  Following on the razor-blade system of money making, Disney is offering the camcorder for just $99.99, but additional software editing packages will cost $15 each.

    Buyers of the camcorder will surely tire of the default “High School Musical”-themed Director software that comes with the camcorder, but Disney will also sell other packages like Cinderella and Pirates of Caribbean that will include movie-themed storyboards, clips and character voices.

    The Disney LCD television sets will have 15-inch Sharp panels with a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels.  Like the camcorder, different themed sets will be offered.  The High School Musical set will look like a school locker while the Pirates of the Caribbean will look like a pirate ship.  The television sets are now available for $300.00.