Philips Bluetooth music system supports cellphone calls

  • Chicago (IL) – Philips has received FCC approval for a compact, portable music system that integrates Bluetooth wireless connectivity: The device not only allows you to use wireless earphones to listen to music, it also enables you to make phone calls right from the couch.

    Bluetooth is coming to your average boombox: Provided you have a Bluetooth-capable cellphone laying around in the vicinity of Philips’ new “Micro Wireless Bluetooth Music System” you don’t even have to get up from your chair or couch anymore in order to receive or make phone calls.

    The company’s optionally available wireless headset BTM650 as well as cellphones can interact with the boombox and phone numbers are simply dialed through the remote control of the music system.

    Other features of Philips’ not yet announced new product include a USB port and playback support for MP3 files. The amplifier puts out 2 x 15 watts, with a signal-to-noise ratio rated at higher than 70 dBA and a frequency response indicated to be between 20 Hz and 20 kHz.

    Philips declined to comment on the availability and the price of the device.