E3 2007 VIDEO: Sony announces thinner, lighter PSP

  • Santa Monica (CA) – Folllowing the recent price drop of the Playstation Portable, Sony will be introducing an updated mobile game console, which is considerably more compact and comes with new features such as high-quality video output.

    Demonstration of the new PSP's video out capabilities 

    Chewbacca helps introduce the new PSP

    The new Playstation Portable integrates the same 4.3” screen found in the original console, but will be 33% lighter and about 19% thinner than its predecessor, according to Sony. The manufacturer said that the device will also increase battery efficiency and bring high-quality video output with the PSP not only operating as the video source but also as a remote control.

    Through the recently announced DLNA feature for the PS3, PSP users will be able to not only access files on a PS3 console, but on PCs as well.

    The new-generation PSP will go on sale in the known piano black, as well as in “ice silver” and a Star Wars-themed white version. The new colors will ship in packages with games and movies and will retail for $200 later this year.  

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