Apple developing in-car multimedia systems?

  • Munich (Germany) – A German magazine is reporting that Apple is working on multimedia systems for cars: Mercedes-Benz is expected to be first to offer Apple branded entertainment centers in the 2009 time frame.

    Apple may be expanding its reach deeper into the consumer electronics segment. According to a report published by German weekly magazine Focus, Apple is developing an in-car device that combines entertainment, communication and navigation features. Mercedes-Benz will get exclusive rights to what appear to be multiple products for six months when they will be introduced in 2009, the magazine reports.

    The detailed feature set is very much speculation, but there is little doubt that the technology will be building on the iPod’s presence in cars as well as on Apple’s consumer electronics ambitions overall. Extending music and videos from iPods and Apple TV to a car-based entertainment center should be very well within Apple’s ideas. iPhones should be compatible with these systems as well.

    Apple did not comment on the report.