Sony adds to TV repertoire with nine new Bravias

  • New York (NY) - Sony has introduced nine new high definition TVs under its elite Bravia LCD line.  Each sporting 1920x1080 resolution, the new models are available in sizes from 40 to 52 inches.

    They all have frame rates of 120 Hertz and Sony's proprietary Digital Reality Creation-Multifunction (DRC-MF) technology, which the company claims can upconvert standard TV signals and standard definition video sources to near-HD quality.

    It's the largest set of new Bravia televisions since Sony launched the Bravia Internet Video Link, an IPTV module that lets users view streaming content from select Internet outlets.

    The new Bravia models also include Sony's Theatre Sync feature, which allows users to program macro commands to automatically cue audio and video sources via a one-touch button on the TV.

    The new TVs will be available as part of the Bravis KDL-XBR and KDL-W3000 lines.  The XBR TVs will ship in August with prices around $3200 for 40-inch models, $3800 for 46", and $4500 for 52".  The W3000 entries will be available next month at $2700 for 40", $3500 for 46", and $4300 for 52".z

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