TomTom lets users fix maps

  • Concord (MA) - TomTom today released the TomTom GO 720 to highlight a new feature that lets GPS owners share information on things like closed roads and construction projects.

    The new device is a slim, portable GPS handheld with advanced 3D graphics, extensive car stereo integration options, and traffic/weather forecasts.  It also expands on TomTom's unique voice customization feature by letting users record their own voice to use over the default setting.

    The GO 720 also comes alongside the release of TomTom's Map Share technology.  Pre-installed on the 720, Map Share lets users customize maps to dynamically change with current conditions.  For example, users can designate new street names, or temporary construction sites, blocked roads, and one-way streets to keep the TomTom maps as up to date as possible.

    The new service is also available in the TomTom Home software, which can be downloaded to most of the current TomTom devices.  All users are able to post map changes, which are shared online and available to everyone.  Other users can log on and verify or rebut reported road changes.

    Owners of the new 720 can report changes in real-time while on the road, while other customers can only add updates from a PC or Mac.

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