Desktop Factory to bring out commercial 3D printer

  • Pasadena (CA) - 3D printers, previously used only by doctors and architects, are headed to the mainstream market.  Desktop Factory has announced a new model targeted at consumers.

    Though the price of around $5000 is still fairly steep, it's nothing like the tens of thousands of dollars it used to cost to get a 3D printer.

    The printer builds models, layer by layer, with nylon, aluminum, and glass.  Models of up to 5" x 5" x 5" can be created.  Material for the printer will cost around $0.50 per cubic inch.

    Though not highly desired by most average consumers, the list of commercial possibilities is vast.  "You could go to, download Barbie, scan your Mom’s head, slap the head on Barbie and print it out," Corell University professor Hod Lipson was quoted as saying in a DailyTech story.

    The printer is expected to be available later this year.