Panasonic rolls out five 1080p plasma TVs

  • New York (NY) – Panasonic has updated its plasma TV family. New 42”, 50” and 58” models are joining the current 65” and 103” 1080p plasma TVs.

    Following the accelerating downward trend of plasma TV panels, Panasonic is now offering an expanded 1080p plasma TV portfolio. The entry-level model is now a 42” TV for $2500. The 50” model is available for $3500 or $4000 (with H.264 playback capability and three HDMI inputs instead of only two). Two 58” version now represent the upper end of the firm’s mainstream products, which are priced at $4800 and $5500 (with H.264 and three HDMI ports).


    The H.264 versions of the new TVs are scheduled to ship in June, while the regular versions of the devices will be available in April.

    The company continues to offer its previously introduced 65” and 103” models for $10,000 and $70,000, respectively.

    Also new are several 768p plasma TVs, including 50” (1366x768 pixel) and 42” (1024x768 pixel) TVs, which are offered from about $1600.