Sony Bravia IPTV link gets priced, dated

  • Las Vegas (NV) - Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link, which was the company's main attraction at this year's CES, has been given a finalized price and street date. The TV add-on will begin shipping this summer and will carry a $300 price tag.

    The Bravia Internet Video Link is a module designed to work exclusively with Sony's line of Bravia HDTV sets.  By signing content deals with AOL, Yahoo, and user-generated video site Grouper, consumers will be able to view Internet-hosted videos on their TV through a graphical user interface.

    Content from Sony Pictures and Sony BMG Music will also be delivered through the module, allowing users to watch movie trailers and music videos.  The on-screen menus will be displayed in the form of Sony's new staple, the Xross Media Bar (XMB).  The XMB was initially created for navigation of content and settings on the PSP and PS3.

    The $300 device will be available in stores beginning this July.  Sony says that most of the new Bravia models in 2007 will be compatible, but warns that not all TVs under the Bravia name, especially earlier versions, will work with the module.