10 most wanted Christmas gadgets for college students

Posted by Taylor Draude, KrazyKorean.com

The hardest part about being in college is the struggle to make ends meet while living on a student budget.

OK, we all know it’s really waiting to turn 21, but the budget thing is quite a challenge as well, especially when it comes to wanting the latest and greatest gadgets and knowing you can’t afford them.

That’s what they invented Christmas for and wealthy relatives. So, check out our list for all the ways you can make your favorite college students’ day this Christmas.

Coffee Maker
Starting at: $8

OK, we know it sounds lame, but this is actually a dual-purpose gift. As the parent of a college student giving the gift of caffeine can end up preventing them from taking out more private student loans to fund their Starbucks habit every year.

The Keurig Single Serve model is perfect for the college student even though it may not be at the top of list. It’s just like your advice that the basket weaving degree he/she enrolled in may not be the most sensible choice; your coffee maker gift comes free with year’s worth of knowledge and experience.

Flip Camcorder
Starting at: $149

In the YouTube generation being armed with a video camera at all times can be quite a powerful thing. Turn your college student into a citizen journalist, an amateur documentary filmmaker, or the next spotlight on Tosh.0.

Sure there will probably be some recordings you’d rather turn a blind eye to, but remember that there’s really nothing more valuable to take away from college than the memories, so why not make it easier to preserve them?

George Foreman Grill
Starting at: $20

What started out as a bit of an infomercial joke, has turned into a college student must-have. If you haven’t already, pick up one of the many varieties of George Foreman grills, ranging from the very portable 36 sq. inch model to the 160 sq. inch 360 model.

Fast food will take on a whole new meaning once this baby enters the picture.

HTC Evo 4G

Starting at: $200

This wouldn’t be a proper gadget list if we didn’t include a smartphone. The HTC Evo is getting a ton of buzz for its 1 GHz processor, HD video streaming, and dual front and back cameras. It’s the first 4G phone to hit the market, and we’re actually not shying away from it.

It’s only available on Sprint so this Christmas gift may have to come with an accompanying new service agreement stocking stuffer.

iHome iP49 Portable Audio System
Starting at: $160

For use from everything from an alarm clock to a party starter, an iPod/iPhone audio system is almost as necessary as next semester’s textbooks.

What makes this model special is that it includes FM radio and comes with a convenient carrying case, perfect for say a Spring Break road trip or for providing a much-needed classical music backdrop to every study session.

Starting at: $499

Web videos are popping up every other day showcasing the next awesome use for Apple’s iPad. More expensive than an iPod, but more affordable than a MacBook, Apple’s latest best seller just may be the perfect compromise for your college student.  Plus, there’s an educational use.

Super portable and Web enabled, the iPad is perfect for notetaking in class, creating presentations - for that matter giving presentations - and students can even download their lecture notes and required readings. So, this holiday season give the gift of gadget and knowledge in one pretty sleek and simple package.

Logitech Revue Companion Box with Google TV

Starting at: $299

With this new gadget you can turn any TV into a smart TV, bringing together the television, the Web, apps, and movies.

Compatible with Android phones and apps and digital video recorders (DVRs), your college student receives Google TV programming all controllable by the wireless keyboard with built-in touch pad, eliminating the need for remotes or mice.

This choice will surely make your student the envy of all the fellow co-eds.

Microsoft Arc Keyboard
Starting at: $60

So this item is actually practical; think about how many countless hours your college student spends hammering away on their keyboard.

Much less clunky than last generation’s ergonomic keyboards and much more aesthetically pleasing. And who are we kidding; it’s one of the most affordable items on our list.

Mini Keg Fridge
Starting at: $159

It may be a tough pill to swallow, but we’re going to let you in on a little secret: your of age college student is going to have a drink or two throughout the four or more years it takes to graduate.

If you want to make sure your college student makes and keeps a quality group of friends, you have to arm him or her with the tools of successful friend-making. The mini keg is small enough to fit in a dorm room - even small enough to hide from the RA in a secret nook or cranny - and cool enough (pun intended) to make your student the talk of the hall.

Netflix Subscription

Starting at: $4.99/month

Now that Netflix can stream straight the computer, the Xbox, and the Wii, or arrive directly in the mailbox, anything and everything film is available at a college student’s fingertips.

Plus, this gift is a totally affordable option. Any college student these days has become a master at multitasking - otherwise known as procrastinating - and having a video playing while typing an end-of-term lit paper is quite the norm. And believe us, a Netflix subscription might actually come in handy for film class; yes they do actually count for credit these days.

New Xbox 360
Starting at: $299

College should be about a nice balance between work and play...hours and hours of online, head-to-head play. When it comes to video game consoles few have the notoriety and popularity of Xbox.

The new 360 has more memory, wi-fi, a faster processor, five USB ports, and is slimmer. But the thing that will excite your college student the most is the elimination of the red ring of death with the introduction of Valhalla chip, which also makes the system run quieter and saves energy.

About the author:

Taylor Drauden is a cosmetology college graduate but currently focuses her time freelance writing and blogging. Taylor tends to focus her writing on topics that interest her regardless of how bizarre they are.