Steve Jobs hawks Apple iPad in NYC

Posted by Aharon Etengoff

Saint Steven Jobs has been spotted in NYC hawking his overhyped iPad in the offices of the New York Times and Time Inc.

According to New York Magazine, the celebrity CEO was also seen in a trendy Asian fusion restaurant wearing a "big top hat type of thing" and ordering food off-menu in "Hollywood mogul" style.

"Our source says Jobs, who sat at the head of the 'intimate, family-style gathering' with Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, demonstrated the iPad and its functions, and spoke about how it could serve the future of media," wrote Daniel Maurer.

"Jobs, who no doubt did his best to assuage their worries about a deal, confessed that, although he reads the Times online every day, even he likes to hold the Sunday edition in his hands." 

Meanwhile, CNN's Philip Elmer-DeWitt explained that the recent Apple jaunt to NYC may be taken as a "sign" of how "badly" both sides need each other.

Apple iPad
"Although the 140,000 or so iPhone apps — including 22,000 games — that will run day one on the iPad give it a huge advanage over all the tablet computers that preceded it, Apple needs media partners if its new device is to achieve anything like the iPod's or the iPhone's mass-market appeal," opined DeWitt.

"As for those media partners, each is in a different boat, each sinking slowly in its own special way. Which side needs the other more remains to be seen. The publishers — like Steve Jobs — are no strangers to hard bargaining, but we suspect they'll cut some kind of deal before the iPad ships this spring."