Westinghouse offers LCD TV firmware upgrades via Internet

  • Santa Fe (CA) – Westinghouse hopes to reduce the number of on-site repairs by offering its customers to upgrade the firmware of their LCD TVs on their own.

    The manufacturer said it will be providing the upgrades through its website, from which consumers can download software and install it onto their TVs via a USB flash memory stick. Current firmware upgrades include the ability to download picture viewers that let consumers view their digital photos on their HDTVs, the latest audio improvements such as true sound systems and color gamut advancement to enhance color image and quality.

    Besides providing consumers with the ability to update their HDTVs to achieve compatibility with future technology devices that are not yet available on the market and the online service will help to add additional functions and features “as they are developed” and reduce the number of on-site repairs. Customer service representatives simply will try to identify the software issue via phone and direct consumers through the steps of a software upgrade.

    “This eliminates the need of a service repair person and gives users the ability to upgrade right at home without needing any additional technical knowledge or expertise,” the company said.

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