Delkin’s ImageRouter reads four CF cards simultaneously

  • Las Vegas (NV) – Professional photographers can quickly fill up Compact Flash cards during sports events and model shoots, but transferring pictures from multiple cards has been a tedious process… until now.  Delkin has taken the wraps off of its ImageRouter that can read up to four CF cards simultaneously.  The router connects via the USB port and can even be daisy chained for the reading of up to 12 cards at a time.

    Delkin's four Compact Flash reading monster

    Delkin’s Marketing Manager Eric Richter also showed off the company’s dual battery charger which can accept almost any camera battery thanks to customized adapters.  Batteries are connected to both sides of the charger and then you hook up the entire device with a small power plug.  You don’t have to force fit two chargers in the same outlet anymore.

    The Delkin ImageRouter will be available in late March for $149 or as a $249 bundle with backup software.  A Mac version will be sold in late Spring 2008.  The dual charger will be available soon for $60.

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