Samsung’s tiny 1080P camcorder

  • Las Vegas (NV) – A few weeks ago Samsung announced its SC-HMX20C handheld camcorder that can record in 1080P resolution.  However, we never got around to playing with the gadget because Samsung’s booth was mobbed by drooling fans (heck we can’t blame them).  Fortunately, our redemption is at hand and here is our hands-on video from the PMA convention in Las Vegas.  The video has no spoken audio because we were just playing around with all the ports and buttons.

    Samsung's camcorder has a nice face tracking feature which detects faces and then automatically adjusts the focus

    The camcorder has a fairly decent 6.3 to 63mm lens at f1.8 and shutter speeds goes down to an impressive 1/10,000th of a second.  Video is recorded to SD and SDHC cards in 1080/30P, 1080/60i, 480P and a special slow motion mode.

    The SC-HMX20C will be available in April and company reps told us that the price has not yet been finalized.