Surge strip 2.0 – the Powramid

  • Las Vegas (NV) – The decades-old surge strip is getting a face lift with Kreative Power’s six-outlet Powramid.  This cone-shaped surge protector has widely spaced outlets and comes with an eight-foot wall cord.  We wonder why didn't someone think of this earlier... the concept is so simple.

    Kreative Power's Powramid 

    The on/off push-button switch is on top of the cone while a recessed reset switch is on the bottom.  The unit is rated for 900 joules of protection and has a resettable 15 amp fuse. As you can see from the pictures, the outlets are spaced far enough apart for large power adapters – these larger adapters would typically take up two or more slots in a regular surge strip.

    Product Details 

    Company reps told us the Powramid should ship this quarter for around $17 to $25.